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I still believe that faith [entries|friends|calendar]
Ashley's Journal

a star can only get you so far
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wow [May 14th, 2009]
Update on whats going on:
Heather's getting married.
My allergies are awful!
Summer classes
3 jobs

So, if you use facebook, add me as a friend. I honestly never use this.

Wow Livejournal [April 7th, 2008]
[ mood | happy ]

So, in the past 18 weeks a lot of things have happened.

I'll share them with you.

School has started, and is almost over. All of my classes are going really well, except when I have a quiz in math.

I have two jobs, they're awesome as well. I still work at the daycare and I work at the YMCA.

I met my two half sisters for the first time ever. They are really cute. A lot of things happened with my family, but after praying about the whole situation I think everything is working out fine.

My friendship with Lindsay is growing daily and she is one of the most amazing girls i've ever met. I am so glad we have gotten closer since she moved back home. Lindsay, I love you and I am so happy you're in my life! I truly cherish our friendship.

August Rush is officially the best movie of all time, and so the soundtrack is the best soundtrack of all time.

Adam is such an amazing friend and he is just awesome all around.

I can't think of anythign else but life is going well even though my allergies are gross and I feel like my head will explode at any time now.

School [December 3rd, 2007]
This is week is officially the last day of classes.

I'm pretty sure i'm going to Evansville soon for a few shows...so i'm really excited because I miss Heather.

I'm studying so I have to quit writing now...

It's freezing today...

I hope everyone is doing well. Rachel I hope you feel better soon.

helllllllo [November 14th, 2007]
[ mood | sad ]

I have been on here in 14 weeks. Thats what it told me when I was going to the main page.

Anyway, school is crazy. That's all I have to say.

don't panic [August 6th, 2007]
[ mood | frustrated ]

so, just to write about what i've been up to lately.

The weekend was great. Friday...I don't remember what I did. Saturday I went to an auction really close to my house hoping to find pottery but wasn't that lucky. But, I did buy an amazing painting of an ocean and sailboats in the background, and some old postcards.

Normally I wouldn't have bought the postcards because that's not really my thing BUT...I went to Antiques Roadshow on July 28th in Louisville. It's pretty much my favorite show and I was really lucky to get a ticket at all but I don't feel like typing it out because i'm tired. So, anyway. You are allowed to bring 2 items to be appraised. I brought a necklace and an old barber set that belonged to my great, great, great grandfather. With the barber set, I brought along a scrapbook that is really old with articles my great, great, great grandfather's life and his profession as a barber. It turned out that my necklace didn't really have a value and the barber set was only $60-80 but in the scrapbook there was a postcard appraised at $150-200, so I bought those postcards at the auction.

Today I went canoeing and took off work with Adam. It was a lot of fun and we climbed a fire tower, went to a pool and then later I took a nap from being so tired.

Anyway, I start school august 27th.

nap room [July 17th, 2007]
[ mood | creative ]

i'm at work and I never write in this anymore.
I changed my major from nursing to elementary education.
school begins on august 27th.
in early august adam and I are going to Evansville and visiting with Heather and Clint.
Bloody Sunday played here on the 14th and it was incredible.
I'm tired.

Writer's Block [June 13th, 2007]
I never write in this anymore.

I feel like I haven't talked to any of my friends in years...How is everyone?

I hate allergies!

update. [May 29th, 2007]
[ mood | tired ]

So, lately I've been working 40+ hours. I've been out of school since May 1st and since then I've been working and really not much of anything else. I like it though, I love being around kids.

Since I've been making more money I've been able to buy some things I've needed, like clothes. I am also making enough money to buy my books and everything and pay for school stuff.

I'm going to two shows in Evansville not long from now, June 22, and August 1st...I'll finally be able to see Heather again.

I really don't know what else to write about...but I have been hanging out with Adam more lately since it's summer and everything and I really enjoy being around him.

I also saw Erica, Sam, Greg and Becca the other night at a show in Louisville and it was nice seeing people I never get to see anymore.

I'm really grateful for a lot of things in my life and I'm doing pretty well.

mmm [April 26th, 2007]
I'm excited to see Blacklisted May 5th
and Heather.

And, Lindsay will be home soon

I'm done with school :)

[April 18th, 2007]
i'm so tired of thinking people are pretending to be my friend or care about anything i am talking about.

schools almost over, very excite.

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